.MOB File Recovery

Have files been deleted due to a user’s error or software error? Have you formatted a disk by accident and need to know how to recover the files? Read our .MOB file recovery guide for Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS in 2024.

MOB File Recovery

What is a .MOB file?

Video file downloaded from MOBTV (MediaCorp Online Broadband Television), a subscription-based video service available in Singapore; can be opened by Microsoft Windows Media Player, but may include DRM protection, which requires an active MOBTV account in order to play the video.

What Are Common Causes of ".MOB" Files Lost or Failure?

There are several common causes of ".MOB" files lost or failure:

  1. Accidental deletion: Users may accidentally delete ".MOB" files while organizing their files or performing other tasks.
  2. File system corruption: File system corruption can occur due to various reasons such as sudden system shutdown, virus or malware infection, or hardware issues. This can lead to the loss or failure of ".MOB" files.
  3. Software or hardware issues: Problems with software or hardware components can result in the loss or failure of ".MOB" files. This can include issues with the operating system, application crashes, or hardware failures.
  4. Formatting or partitioning errors: Mistakes made during formatting or partitioning a storage device can lead to the loss of ".MOB" files. This can happen if the wrong partition is selected or if the formatting process is interrupted.
  5. File system errors: Errors within the file system can cause ".MOB" files to become inaccessible or corrupted. This can happen due to improper system shutdown, power outages, or disk errors.
  6. Virus or malware attacks: Viruses or malware can infect and corrupt ".MOB" files, making them inaccessible or unusable. This can happen through malicious email attachments, downloaded files, or infected external storage devices.
  7. Physical damage to storage media: Physical damage to storage media, such as hard drives or memory cards, can result in the loss or failure of ".MOB" files. This can occur due to dropping the device, exposure to water or extreme temperatures, or other physical accidents.
  8. Human error: Human error, such as mistakenly overwriting or modifying ".MOB" files, can lead to their loss or failure. This can happen when working with multiple files or performing complex file management tasks.

It is important to regularly back up ".MOB" files and maintain a reliable data recovery strategy to minimize the impact of any potential file loss or failure.

How to recover lost ".MOB" files?

Sometimes while working with a computer, laptop or other stationary or mobile devices, you may encounter various bugs, freezes, hardware or software failures, even in spite of regular updates and junk cleaning. As a result, an important ".MOB" file may be deleted.

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🧺 How to Recover Files and Folders After Sending Them to the Recycle Bin and Deleting? (Windows 11)

🧺 How to Recover Files and Folders After Sending Them to the Recycle Bin and Deleting? (Windows 11)

By no means should you think that the only way to recover a ".MOB" file is always to create it once more.

Use programs for recovering ".MOB" files if a file was lost after accidental or deliberate deleting, formatting the memory card or the internal storage, cleaning the storage device, after a virus attack or a system failure.

Programs to recover ".MOB" files

Looking for a way to get files back? In cases when files were deleted and they cannot be restored by using standard operating system tools, use Hetman Partition Recovery.

The tool recovers data from any devices, regardless of the cause of data loss.

Follow the directions below:

  1. Download Hetman Partition Recovery, install and start the program.

  2. The program will automatically scan the computer and display all hard disks and removable drives connected to it, as well as physical and local disks.

    File Recovery Software
  3. Double-click on the disk from which you need to recover ".MOB" files, and select analysis type.

    Hetman Partition Recovery - Analysis Type
  4. When the scanning is over, you will be shown the files for recovery.

    Hetman Partition Recovery - Files that Can be Restored
  5. To find a file you need, use the program’s interface to open the folder it was deleted from, or go to the folder "Content-Aware Analysis" and select the required file type.

    Hetman Partition Recovery - Deep Scan
  6. Select the files you have been looking for and click "Recovery".

    File Recovery Software - Files List for Recovery
  7. Choose one of the methods for saving the files and recover them.

    Saving recovered files in Hetman Partition Recovery

How to open file with ".MOB" extension?

Looking for how to open a stereo mOBTV Video File image file file?

Programs that open ".MOB" files

Microsoft Windows Media Player Microsoft Windows Media Player

Additional Information

  • File type: MOBTV Video File

  • File extension: .MOB

  • Developer: MediaCorp

  • Category: Video Files

  • Format: Binary


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Questions and answers

  • What is the purpose of ".MOB Recovery" and how does it work?

    ".MOB Recovery" is a term that does not have a widely recognized or specific meaning in the context you provided. It is possible that it refers to a specific technology, software, or process used in a specific industry or field. Without further information, it is difficult to provide a precise answer to its purpose and functionality.

    If you can provide more details or context, I would be happy to assist you further.

  • What are the common causes of data loss that require ".MOB Recovery" services?

    The common causes of data loss that may require ".MOB Recovery" services include:

    1. Accidental deletion: Human error, such as mistakenly deleting files or formatting a storage device, can lead to data loss.
    2. Hardware failure: Malfunctioning of storage devices like hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), or RAID arrays can result in data loss.
    3. Software corruption: Issues with software or operating systems can cause data corruption and make files inaccessible.
    4. Virus or malware attacks: Malicious software can infect and damage data, leading to loss or encryption of files.
    5. Power surges or electrical issues: Sudden power outages, voltage fluctuations, or electrical problems can cause data loss or corruption.
    6. Natural disasters: Events like floods, fires, earthquakes, or hurricanes can damage physical storage devices and result in data loss.
    7. Physical damage: Accidental drops, impacts, or mishandling of storage devices can lead to hardware failure and data loss.
    8. Theft or loss: If a device containing important data is stolen or lost, it can result in permanent data loss if not properly backed up.
    9. File system errors: Corruption or damage to the file system structure can make data inaccessible or cause data loss.
    10. Overwriting or modification: Accidentally overwriting files or making incorrect modifications can result in data loss.

    In such cases, ".MOB Recovery" services specialize in recovering data from various storage devices, including hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, USB drives, and RAID arrays.

  • How can businesses and individuals benefit from using ".MOB Recovery" for their data recovery needs?

    Businesses and individuals can benefit from using ".MOB Recovery" for their data recovery needs in several ways:

    1. Expertise and Experience: ".MOB Recovery" specializes in data recovery services, ensuring that businesses and individuals have access to professionals with extensive expertise and experience in recovering lost or damaged data. Their knowledge and skills can significantly increase the chances of successful data recovery.
    2. Wide Range of Recovery Services: ".MOB Recovery" offers a comprehensive range of data recovery services, including recovering data from hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), RAID arrays, USB drives, memory cards, and more. This versatility allows businesses and individuals to rely on a single service provider for all their data recovery needs.
    3. Quick Turnaround Time: Data loss can be a significant setback for businesses, causing downtime and potential financial losses. ".MOB Recovery" understands the importance of timely data recovery and strives to provide quick turnaround times. Their efficient processes and resources can help businesses and individuals recover their data promptly, minimizing the impact of data loss.
    4. Confidentiality and Security: Data recovery often involves sensitive and confidential information. ".MOB Recovery" ensures the privacy and security of recovered data, adhering to strict confidentiality protocols. This is particularly crucial for businesses dealing with customer data, trade secrets, or proprietary information.
    5. Cost-Effective Solutions: While data recovery can be a complex and intricate process, ".MOB Recovery" offers cost-effective solutions. They provide transparent pricing structures, allowing businesses and individuals to understand the costs involved upfront. This transparency helps in budgeting and making informed decisions regarding data recovery.
    6. 24/7 Availability: Data loss can occur at any time, and immediate action is often necessary. ".MOB Recovery" provides round-the-clock availability, allowing businesses and individuals to seek assistance and initiate the data recovery process promptly. This ensures minimal downtime and a higher chance of successful recovery.
    7. Data Backup and Prevention: In addition to data recovery services, ".MOB Recovery" can also provide guidance on data backup and prevention strategies. By implementing robust backup systems and best practices, businesses and individuals can minimize the risk of data loss in the future.

    Overall, by leveraging the expertise, comprehensive services, security measures, and cost-effectiveness of ".MOB Recovery," businesses and individuals can ensure efficient and successful data recovery, minimizing the impact of data loss on their operations and personal lives.

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