Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Hetman Software Products and Materials of the RecoveryUtility.com Website

Terms of Use

Legal information

This document sets forth the terms of use for software products as well as text, graphics, video and audio information presented in the recoveryutility.com website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: by visiting the website https://recoveryutility.com or downloading, copying, using any software (hereinafter the Software) by Hetman Software, you agree automatically to this license agreement for end users (hereinafter the Agreement). If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, please do not download or use our products in any other way and leave this website.

Hetman Software may hold patents, patent applications, trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property rights related to this document. Presentation of this document shall not give you any right to the said patents, trademarks, copyright and other objects of intellectual property.

Use of the website content

Any text or graphics content, as well as video and audio materials (hereinafter the Content) and the software component of the website https://recoveryutility.com constitute objects of intellectual property and are subject to copyright protection. It is prohibited to copy or otherwise distribute the Content without prior written consent obtained from Hetman Software. For clarification on any issues, contact us.

Downloading and using software

The Software can be copied to any data carrier or website for an unlimited number of times and distributed to other users.

You may distribute the Software only in the original form as provided by Hetman Software. Adding any files or modifying the Software files as well as disassembling or decompiling the Software is prohibited.

Your use of the Software shall not violate the laws of the country where it is used.

Software licensing

The difference between the demo and the full version consists in the ability to save the recovered files. By purchasing the license key, you obtain the right to use the full version of the Software. The Home license is required to use the Software for personal purposes, i.e. without commercial use intended to earn profits. The Office license is required to use the Software in an office environment for the needs of a single business. In order to provide data recovery services to third parties, a Commercial license is required.


The Software and accompanying materials are provided “AS IS” without any guarantees as to its performance. commercial profits or any other guarantees. You use the Software at your own peril and risk.

Limit of liability

In line with the principle of maximally broad interpretation as admitted by the law, Hetman Software or its employees, contractors, agents, distributors or suppliers shall not be liable for any deliberate, accidental, consequential or punitive damages (including, without limitation, damage from loss of profits, interruption of business activity, loss of business information, loss of business opportunities, loss of, or damage to property, injury to any person or any material damage) resulting from the use or inability to use the Software, even if Hetman Software was warned of the possibility for such damage.

TIn any case, the entire liability of Hetman Software for any provision of this Agreement shall be limited exclusively to replacement of a software product.


This Agreement shall establish all relationships between you and Hetman Software in regard to the Software and it shall prevail over any other agreements for this purpose.

Hetman Software shall reserve all the rights not described in the Agreement.

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