Pentax Camera Data Recovery

Data Recovery in 2021: a complete guide

Pentax Camera Data Recovery

Recovering Photos From a Pentax Camera

Incorrect use of a camera or a memory card inside it, as well as other unintended actions can make pictures in the memory card to become damaged or lost.

Please note that if the files were deleted accidentally, in 99% of the cases you are likely to have no difficulty in restoring them. On the contrary, if you don’t handle the memory card or camera properly, or if there is a file system error or damaged file system, the quality of data recovery will depend on many factors, which means that recovering 100% of data in 100% quality is not always possible, just physically. If the camera or memory card can still be recognized by the computer after an error or failure, you have very good chances for restoring the photos with Hetman Photo Recovery or Hetman Partition Recovery.

Why photos may disappear from a Pentax Camera

How can photographs from a digital camera be lost?
  • Deleting by mistake. This is the most widespread reason why RAW photos or other images are lost.
  • Formatting or format operation errors. In most cases, photos need to be recovered after formatting a memory card. It happens not only because the photographer formats the card. Sometimes, users see the warning “You need to format the disk” when connecting the camera to a computer.
  • Mishandled memory card or damaged file system. The file system of an information medium like a memory card can be damaged when it is taken out of the camera or when it is ejected while saving or copying data, and sometimes it can even be damaged by a virus. As a result, you can’t use the memory card or USB drive without formatting it first.
  • Errors when copying or transferring data from the camera to the computer. Photos can be lost or deleted as a result of a power failure when copying or transferring data from the camera to a computer or laptop.

Recovering photos deleted from a digital camera

How can you recover the lost photos?

Photos lost or deleted from a camera can be recovered until they are overwritten with other files.

In order to recover the lost photos:

1. Connect the camera to the computer with the help of the interface intended for this purpose (USB, micro USB or other).

2. Run Hetman Photo Recovery and select your memory card.

If you connect a memory card to the computer while it is still inside the camera, and the program cannot see it, extract the card and try connecting it with the help of a card reader.

Wie kann man die verloren gegangenen Fotos wiederherstellen

Data Recovery Software

3. Double-click on the selected card. “Fast scan” will be a better option if you have deleted the file accidentally. If there are problems with the file system, or after formatting the memory card, “Full analysis” should be the weapon of choice.

Art der Analyse im Hetman Photo Recovery

4. Specify criteria for file search. In addition to standard settings like file size and date, the utility will offer you to choose file types for searching. There is a special section for RAW files. After all, Hetman Photo Recovery is meant to deal with photo formats, including most of the RAW types.

Wiederherstellungsprogramm für Fotodateiformate

5. Select the preferred file format to search for, or choose all formats. Click “Next.” It will start the analysis for your memory card (or any other media). Wait until it is over.

When the analysis is complete, Hetman Photo Recovery will show all image files it has found. Click on a file to see its contents in the preview window. You can also have a look in the properties window to see its size, date when it was created and when it was lost or deleted.

Vorschaufenster - Hetman Photo Recovery

6. If you are happy with the scan results, go on to saving the files. However, if you are busy recovering RAW files, here is the point to keep in mind. A RAW file is a large and complicated file containing the maximal amount of data about an image. That is why if the quality of the recovered file is not good enough or it is recovered but it is damaged, sometimes it makes sense to scan the data carrier again. This time, with “All Files” option enabled. As a result, Hetman Photo Recovery may find this photo in JPG or TIFF formats instead of the RAW format, which is absolutely OK. If the medium or images are too damaged, the utility will try to restore their data with signature analysis. It can change the format of a specific photograph, Yet the quality will be good enough when compared to the original file.

7. Select the image files you need to recover and click “Next.”

Hetman Photo Recovery - wie man das?

8. Choose a method to save the files. We strongly recommend against saving them to the same medium you are recovering them from, as It can get them overwritten.

9. Specify the folder to save the recovered files to and click “Recovery.”

Hetman Photo Recovery

Pentax Pentax *ist D, DL, DL2, DS, DS2

  • Pentax *ist D;
  • Pentax *ist DL;
  • Pentax *ist DL2;
  • Pentax *ist DS;
  • Pentax *ist DS2.

Pentax 645D, 645Z, EI-100, EI-200, EI-2000

  • Pentax 645D;
  • Pentax 645Z;
  • Pentax EI-100;
  • Pentax EI-200;
  • Pentax EI-2000.

Pentax Efina, K-01, K-1, K-3, K-3 II

  • Pentax Efina;
  • Pentax K-01;
  • Pentax K-1;
  • Pentax K-3;
  • Pentax K-3 II.

Pentax K-5, K-5 II, K-5 IIs, K-7

  • Pentax K-5;
  • Pentax K-5 II;
  • Pentax K-5 IIs;
  • Pentax K-7.

Pentax K-30, K-50, K-70, K-500, K-S1, K-S2

  • Pentax K-30;
  • Pentax K-50;
  • Pentax K-70;
  • Pentax K-500;
  • Pentax K-S1;
  • Pentax K-S2.

Pentax K-m (K2000), K-r, K-x, K10D, K20D

  • Pentax K-m (K2000);
  • Pentax K-r;
  • Pentax K-x;
  • Pentax K10D;
  • Pentax K20D.

Pentax K100D, K100D Super, K110D, K200D, MX-1

  • Pentax K100D;
  • Pentax K100D Super;
  • Pentax K110D;
  • Pentax K200D;
  • Pentax MX-1.

Pentax Optio 33L, 33LF, 33WR, 43WR

  • Pentax Optio 33L;
  • Pentax Optio 33LF;
  • Pentax Optio 33WR;
  • Pentax Optio 43WR.

Pentax Optio 50, 60, 230, 330, 330GS, 330RS

  • Pentax Optio 50;
  • Pentax Optio 60;
  • Pentax Optio 230;
  • Pentax Optio 330;
  • Pentax Optio 330GS;
  • Pentax Optio 330RS.

Pentax Optio 430, 430RS, 450, 550, 555, 750Z

  • Pentax Optio 430;
  • Pentax Optio 430RS;
  • Pentax Optio 450;
  • Pentax Optio 550;
  • Pentax Optio 555;
  • Pentax Optio 750Z.

Pentax Optio A10, A20, A30, A40, E10, E20

  • Pentax Optio A10;
  • Pentax Optio A20;
  • Pentax Optio A30;
  • Pentax Optio A40;
  • Pentax Optio E10;
  • Pentax Optio E20.

Pentax Optio E30, E40, E50, E60, E70, E80

  • Pentax Optio E30;
  • Pentax Optio E40;
  • Pentax Optio E50;
  • Pentax Optio E60;
  • Pentax Optio E70;
  • Pentax Optio E80.

Pentax Optio E85, E90, H90, I-10, LS465

  • Pentax Optio E85;
  • Pentax Optio E90;
  • Pentax Optio H90;
  • Pentax Optio I-10;
  • Pentax Optio LS465.

Pentax Optio M10, M20, M30, M40, M50, M60

  • Pentax Optio M10;
  • Pentax Optio M20;
  • Pentax Optio M30;
  • Pentax Optio M40;
  • Pentax Optio M50;
  • Pentax Optio M60.

Pentax Optio M85, M90, MX4, P70, P80, RS1500

  • Pentax Optio M85;
  • Pentax Optio M90;
  • Pentax Optio MX4;
  • Pentax Optio P70;
  • Pentax Optio P80;
  • Pentax Optio RS1500.

Pentax Optio RZ10, RZ18, S, S1, S4, S4i

  • Pentax Optio RZ10;
  • Pentax Optio RZ18;
  • Pentax Optio S;
  • Pentax Optio S1;
  • Pentax Optio S4;
  • Pentax Optio S4i.

Pentax Optio S5i, S5n, S5z, S6, S7

  • Pentax Optio S5i;
  • Pentax Optio S5n;
  • Pentax Optio S5z;
  • Pentax Optio S6;
  • Pentax Optio S7.

Pentax Optio S10, S12, S30, S40, S45

  • Pentax Optio S10;
  • Pentax Optio S12;
  • Pentax Optio S30;
  • Pentax Optio S40;
  • Pentax Optio S45.

Pentax Optio S50, S55, S60, SV, SVi

  • Pentax Optio S50;
  • Pentax Optio S55;
  • Pentax Optio S60;
  • Pentax Optio SV;
  • Pentax Optio SVi.

Pentax Optio T10, T20, T30, V10, V20, VS20

  • Pentax Optio T10;
  • Pentax Optio T20;
  • Pentax Optio T30;
  • Pentax Optio V10;
  • Pentax Optio V20;
  • Pentax Optio VS20.

Pentax Optio W10, W20, W30, W60, W80, W90

  • Pentax Optio W10;
  • Pentax Optio W20;
  • Pentax Optio W30;
  • Pentax Optio W60;
  • Pentax Optio W80;
  • Pentax Optio W90.

Pentax Optio WG-1, WG-1 GPS, WG-2, WG-2 GPS

  • Pentax Optio WG-1;
  • Pentax Optio WG-1 GPS;
  • Pentax Optio WG-2;
  • Pentax Optio WG-2 GPS.

Pentax Optio WP, WPi, WS80, X, Z10

  • Pentax Optio WP;
  • Pentax Optio WPi;
  • Pentax Optio WS80;
  • Pentax Optio X;
  • Pentax Optio Z10.

Pentax Q, Q-S1, Q7, Q10

  • Pentax Q;
  • Pentax Q-S1;
  • Pentax Q7;
  • Pentax Q10.

Pentax WG-3, WG-3 GPS, WG-10, X-5, X70, X90, XG-1

  • Pentax WG-3;
  • Pentax WG-3 GPS;
  • Pentax WG-10;
  • Pentax X-5;
  • Pentax X70;
  • Pentax X90;
  • Pentax XG-1.

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