Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery features high speed of recovery, excellent functions and a completely user-friendly interface.

Versions and prices

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery is available in several versions:

  • Standart ($ 49): Recovers deleted and formatted data and supports numerous file formats.
  • Professional ($ 79): In addition to the Standard features, the professional version lets you monitor a hard disk health and create an image of the disk to be recovered.
  • Premium ($ 99): A year-long license for three computers. In addition to all the options of the Professional version, it can restore damaged photos and videos.
  • Technician ($ 199): With all the benefits of the Premium edition, it can also recover data from RAID storage.

The Platinum and Technician versions for Windows and Mac are slightly different.

Also, Stellar Data Recovery offers a specialized software package to recover email messages, data bases, erase files and disks.

Key features and peculiarities

The scan function in Stellar Phoenix is more simplified in comparison with other similar products: it doesn’t ask you specifically to choose a scan type. By default, a quick scan is applied, and deep scan can be enabled by moving a switch below.

Before scanning, select the types of files you need to recover including email files. It allows to reduce the scan time by excluding unnecessary file types. You can also choose a partition to scan.

When the scan is over, the program will show you the list of files with a preview option available. However, it doesn’t always work properly for multimedia files.

The Technician version provides managers and IT specialists with remote access to disks via network and opportunities to restore files removed from a RAID server.

We tested the program for recovering deleted documents, images, videos and audio files in two scenarios: after deleting the files and after formatting the disk. With deleted files, Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery performed wonderfully. The results for recovering files after disk formatting were a little worse.

Tech support

Stellar provides tech support for its customers by phone, by email or via online chat. In the company’s website, you can find a knowledge database including FAQs.


Stellar Phoenix is lagging behind the rivals in certain aspects of data recovery which can be inconvenient in some cases. Unlike the case with most data recovery tools we have tested, its fast scan is not very good at restoring files from a formatted data storage device. The preview function is not perfect when processing multimedia files, and there is no way to pause the scanning.

In contrast to products by other companies providing free updates when a new version is rolled out, Stellar Phoenix has nothing to offer. If you want a newer version, you cannot update from the one you own currently but it has to be purchased.